17. Just another art lover who spends half of her life drawing. Videogames and music are my other two passions.
Here you'll see stuff I like from movies, videogames and also some of my drawings.
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Mini Giveaway!

holy shucks 300 followers c:

That’s a lot! I thought I might give away some things.


Pikachu Pencil Sharpener. You stick your pencil where the button is meant to be.

Pokémon Black cartridge. Unlocked with the name “☀” and with Snivy as starter and a level 20 Luxio. you can always restart the file, if you wish.

Mint Condition Zekrom. Not much, but cool figurine with no damage, bought a few days ago.


No need to follow me, but if you do I will throw in something extra (with your consent)

One like and one reblog only

No giveaway blogs, I will be checking

Must be active blog

Preferably a Pokéblog but whatever

So yea c: Good luck, everyone!